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A Bustle in the Hedgerow


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Suggested Book Club Discussion Topics

 1. The concept of fame, and how it changes and/or motivates people, is intended to be a main theme of the book.  How does this apply to each character?  Are some more immune to its allure than others?


2. Many things in the book (places, people, situations) turn out to be different from how they initially appear.  What are some examples of this?  What is the significance of this?


3. Three characters in the book could be considered father figures for Jackson Byrne: his biological father Anthony, Dylan Harringer, and Philip Prince.  Which of them seems to have the greatest influence on Jack?  Does it depend on the situation he is in?


4. There are three main female characters in the book: Vicki Byrne, Camilla Vanderbilt, and Corinne O'Laughlin.  How are they alike?  How do they differ?  Are they dynamic characters-- in other words, do they learn or change as the story progresses-- or are they static?


5. How does Jack's path through the book resemble that of the mythical Hero's Journey, famously described by Joseph Campbell?  How does it differ?

6. What is the significance of the book's title? Does it have more than one interpretation?